3 July 2018 Off By Alex

Who’s Joon? It’s the last creation of Air France. Joon is not a low-cost airline, contrary to what many people think. Joon is an airline that targets young travelers, especially the Millennials! They operate medium-haul flights to Barcelona since the 1st December of 2017 (Berlin, Istanbul, Lisbon, Naples, Oslo, Porto, Rome also joined the network) and long-haul flights since the 25th march of 2018 to Cairo and to Teheran, Mahe, Fortaleza, Cap Town, and Mumbai. The European network is operated with Airbus A320 and A321 from Air France and the international network with Air France’s ex A340. All of those aircrafts have been well retrofitted!

Today we’ll present you the medium-haul service on a flight between Paris and Porto, AF1528. Joon flights are all operated under Air France codes, and also in codeshare with some partners of the AF-KLM group. European flights are operated between all others Air France flights at terminal 2F where we find the few classics duty free shops and some restaurants. The press is also available in boarding room for all passengers.

We embark on time and are greeted by a crew sparkling both by his youth and uniforms. Indeed, like the aircraft, the uniforms of the cabin crew were also reviewed to stick to the “young” image of the airline. It is therefore in beautiful blue and white uniforms, with sneakers that our crew operates today.

The sensation on board the cabin is rather good. The colors of the airline are found on the seats, the head supports are “blue joon”, and we find this same blue under the luggage trunks. All seats are reclining and have a USB port. The pitch of 32 inches is acceptable for a flight of 2 hours.

A complimentary beverage service is offered to all passengers in economy class with either coffee, tea, orange juice or water. If you want more, a fairly varied pay service is also available. As entertainment today, we will have to settle for the natural IFE offered by the window. Indeed, in normal times you have the opportunity to download the free application “youJoon” before takeoff, then joining the aircraft’s wifi and you have access to entertainment content, geolocation, etc … Unfortunately, this system was out of service today …

Very special mention for our crew of the day which was perfect. A team that gave off the sensation of loving his work, which changes the old legend of the Air France crew lottery.

Joon is rather placed on a niche between legacy and low-cost. The service offered on board is certainly inferior to that offered by Air France within a package of peanuts, but better than on board all the low-cost airlines that we know. As they qualify themselves, Joon is “the new generation travel experience by Air France”.

A few views by the window from the Bourget just after takeoff to the final approach in Porto.

We would like to thank once again our crew of the day, but also you, readers, who make us grow a little more each month and without whom all this would never have been possible.

Airliners Explorers – July 2018