4 September 2018 Off By Alex

This is in 1946, that two men decided to found an airline in Hong Kong, initially based in Shanghai, they rapidly moved to Hong Kong. Cathay Pacific was born. They initially flew to Asian destinations like Manilla, Singapore or Bangkok. The 80’s were the consecration for Cathay. They received their first Boeing 747 in 1979 and start to fly to London the same year, and quickly open new routes to Europe and North America. Today, Cathay operates 148 aircraft (Airbus A330 and A350 and Boeing 777) to more than 180 destinations all around the world (including Cathay Dragon’s network).

Today we invite you to follow us onboard Cathay Pacific’s flight CX338 from Brussels to Hong Kong in Premium Economy. This flight is operated with the Airbus A350, the statest of the art aircraft on the market.

We were at Brussels Airport a bit more than 3 hours before our flight. The check-in opened a few minutes after our arrival and we were in the firsts to check-in. We were allowed to travel with two checked luggage and a cabin baggage. Our ticket and the invitation for the lounge in hand, we go through the security and immigration controls very quickly, and we arrive at the lounge after 5 minutes of walk.

“The Suite”, which is a business class lounge is located above the boarding area. There are not many people today and we can enjoy breakfast first, and a bit later, a little snack before going to the boarding. There are two areas in this lounge. The first one, on your left when you enter, is a quiet area with sofas where you can find newspapers and TVs. The other one, the other side, with more seats and tables where you can find the restoration offer.

One hour before our scheduled time departure we descend to our boarding gate which is located just under the lounge. Onboard, we are warmly welcomed. The premium economy cabin is located between the business and the economy one. There are 28 seats configured in 2-4-2; those are all occupied today. We were just seated, that a member of the crew came to propose us a welcome drink (Champaign, fruit juice or water). You also have the possibility to let your jacket in a locker, the crew give it back to you just before landing.

On this premium economy seat, you can enjoy a very generous pitch of 40” and a width of 20”. You are separated from your neighbor by a central armrest and can recline your seatback more than in economy. There is also a footrest which is totally independent of the seatback. The pillow and the blanket are already on your seat before boarding. You can also find the headset which is of good quality. A valuable point, there is an amenity kit available in premium economy, where you can find in particular a mask, socks, and a tough cleaner kit.

The In-Flight Entertainment system is available in many languages, English, French, German, and some Asians languages. There is a large selection of films and many hours of music to listen, which is very appreciable for an 11 hours flight. You can also follow your flight with the geovision system which is very modern and in high resolution.

If the entertainment system is not enough for you, you can enjoy the in-flight wifi which is very performant for social medias or internet but a bit less when you want to watch a video.

Catering’s side, you have a real menu at disposition, with a notable selection of drinks, and three different propositions for the lunch. We choose the pork fillet with potato gratin and vegetables, which was well cooked. The dessert was an ice cream a little too hard to be eaten immediately. After that, the crew do a last passage to propose a hot drink. During the night, a noodles plate is served for those who are woken-up, and some snacks are available at the rear galley. Two hours before landing, the mood lighting is activated to wake up the passengers and the breakfast is served. A croissant, an omelet and fruits with a coffee and an orange juice and we are ready for landing.

As a conclusion, we can only encourage you to enjoy the service of the premium economy class which is really appreciable for an 11 hours flight. The premium economy class is proposed from 1435 E, a very interesting price-quality relationship.

We want to thanks very warmly Cathay Pacific for their cooperation in this partnership, and again and again, you, dear readers, who make all of this possible.

Airliners Explorers – September 2018.