11 February 2019 Off By Florian Polycarpe

Today, Seoul is the second biggest city in Eastern Asia after Tokyo. Three times bigger than Paris, the South Korean capital city concentrates an important activity center in its heart, particularly in the Yongsan District with one of the two main train stations from where the famous KTX departs to go everywhere in South Korea. It is here, that in 2017, the Accor Hotel Group decided to build the Dragon City, a hotel complex gathering three of its brands, the Ibis Styles, the Grand Mercure and finally, our choice for these two nights, the five stars’ Novotel Suites.


This is very simple, 2 weeks before our departure we decided to rent a place on the worldwide known Airbnb website. However, once we arrived at the apartment we realized that the code to open the door wasn’t working. We tried to contact the host, but no answer.


The entry hall of the Novotel offers a very quiet and luminous environment, both during the day and night. The staff took care of us rapidly, indeed, we were able to book our room and to enjoy it a few moments later at the 13th level. And about ten minutes later, our bags were there too. Like most hotels in Asia, the service is irreproachable and provided by a very smiling and professional staff.

The room is arranged in a fairly basic way but is totally open, you can freely access any room from any other.

The bedroom is facing the entrance and on the right, we can easily access the bathroom via a little corridor also serving as the laundry place.


This corridor or “Laundry Room”, is cleverly stuffed with wall cupboards, shoe storage and also a washing machine. The Novotel also proposes a standard Laundry service in Seoul.

This service, working 24/7, is offering a flexible schedule which allows you to send your linens in the afternoon, enjoy your evening and night and get them fully refreshed the following morning for your business.

With the laundry bags, you can find a common cleanser and shoe polish, which is basic for a business room.


The latter offers all the basic amenities that we need such as shower gel, shampoo and others.

The bathroom is easily accessible from the bed which is appreciable at night.

The first piece of the bathroom, the toilets, obviously we are in Eastern Asia so we can “enjoy” it will all the options you can imagine, you guessed it, this is a french-made Japanese toilet!

After this, we have the shower, well designed and inlaid in the ceiling to give a rain effect. The room has a single washbasin, which is normal for a hotel of this standing.

Materials are well made and storages are generous and contain essentially towels but unfortunately no slippers.


The main room and indeed the bigger one is pretty well arranged. A little desk is disposed to work quietly just nearby the TV screen, that you can watch from the sofa or the bed. The Novotel Ambassador is offering a King size bed in its Junior Suite, a standard service for this standing.

The bed is equipped with all the expected commodities with a bedside table, reading lights, and a Samsung mobile phone.

For lazy ones, all the electronic devices are controllable from this control center.

From the room’s huge window, we can appreciate a beautiful view of the Han’s River, Seoul city, the Yongsan shop center, and its railway station, that you can enjoy while eating your lunch or breakfast for example.


The Junior suite offers direct access to the Kitchen area which is all stuffed with coffee and tea maker but also a sink and a microwave oven.

The latter is useful when the room service brings your dinner and you want to keep it hot or if you took a doggy bag from a restaurant. Regarding the room service, the latter is correct as a large variety of food from all over the world are available. For the Breakfast, we decided to custom our own continental plate, and the Room Service made it perfectly.

We were also able to order our breakfast for the next morning, in the evening. Dinner is served until 12 a.m and after that, you can order “On the go” menus.

To conclude, the Novotel Ambassador is a good compromise for Business travelers. Just in front of the Yongsan railway Station, the Novotel offers a flexibility of services and could be a good transit hotel for a night if you have to catch a flight at Gimpo or Incheon airport.

Novotel proposes the Junior suite room from 146€ from April, 24th to 25th which were the dates we went for last year. The Deluxe suite rooms are proposed from 190€ at the same dates.

You can find them on the Accor Hotels’ website.