12 March 2019 Off By Alex

It’s 7 am in Hong Kong, and I am now leaving the airport, heading to my hotel. I don’t have much time to spend in Hong Kong but I’ll show you next Monday that you can visit many things in just two days in this city. As you maybe know, the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China is a special administrative region as mentioned in its official name, located on the Pearl River estuary in southern China. With over 7.4 million people of various nationalities in a 1,104-square-kilometre territory, Hong Kong is the world’s fourth most densely populated region. For this very short stopover, I decided to stay at the Sheraton Hong Kong Hotel & Towers.


As a member of the former SPG program, which is now merged with Marriott’s reward program to form Marriott BONVoY, I decided to stay at the Sheraton Hong Kong Hotel & Towers where I chose a Tower Room with Harbour view.


The entry of the building is quite impressive, and when you enter, you arrive in a shared area, then have to go one floor up to get to the spacious welcome floor, where there are many reception desks and a bar. I headed up to a desk, where a gentleman told me that as my room is a tower one, there is a dedicated reception on the 16th floor, where he nicely led me to.


The room is very spacious, with all the stuff you can expect from a premium one. Just the time to read the welcome message dedicated on the TV, to visit the bathroom, and to take the mobile phone and I’m off to adventure. Note that the mobile phone can be carried everywhere you want during your trip and allows you to access the internet for free.

The separation between the bedroom and the bathroom is a simple window. You can find all the amenity needed for your stay, and can also ask for additional stuff from the application on your phone before your arrival. Note that everything I asked for was already there when I arrived. A shower and a bathtub are also available, so you can have a quick refreshment or relax in a bath.

On the bedroom’s side, there is obviously a bed, a king size where 3 or 4 people like me can be set. Under the TV is located a closet with a fridge full of different beverages, crisps, and all the necessary to prepare a little tea or coffee.

If you are a business traveler who needs to work, a desk is at your disposal, but if you prefer relaxing, the TV provides you a lot of channels with different kind of programs.

Or you can go on the roof to enjoy…


…the pool! With Hong Kong’s climate, this pool is not a luxury touch! Indeed, the temperature is around 35oC and the humidity close to 98%.

In addition to the pool, you can find three jacuzzi, a bar and some deckchairs on the roof. A free sports gym and a spa service are also available at the last floor.

If like me you forgot your swimsuit, don’t worry, there is a shop at the ground floor of the hotel.


For the Tower customers, the breakfast is included in the formula, and you can enjoy it in a common beautiful lounge. In addition to the standard buffet with fruits, ham, pastries and drinks you can order a plate. My choice was to try the French toasts.

To conclude, Sheraton never disappoints you. I decided to opt for a high standards room in a high standard chain and if I had to do it again, I will.

Located in one of the majors Avenue of Hong Kong, just above a metro station and at 35 minutes from the airport, this is the perfect stay whatever the reason of your trip is.

The Tower room with Harbour view was available for 2100HKD which represents 237EUR today.

You can book here on Marriott’s website.