2 April 2019 Off By Florian Polycarpe

Air Tahiti Nui is a French airline based 15,720 kilometers from the capital city, Paris: in the French Polynesia Island, more precisely in Tahiti.

Since 1996, the Tahitian airline is operating from Tahiti Fa’a’a international Airport. Today, with its two Boeing 787-9 and three Airbus A340-300, ATN is flying to Tokyo-Narita, Auckland, and Paris via Los Angeles.

So, on March 26th, Air Tahiti Nui gave us an appointment at Paris-CDG’s Terminal 2A to introduce their brand-new Tahitian Dreamliner with a 3 hours flight over the most popular French Regions.

Today’s route is first heading to Western France with Britanny and Jersey Islands, then, heading south to Bordeaux and Toulouse, and finally, before Geneva and the Mont Blanc, we will fly over the French Riviera.


After getting our CDG to CDG boarding pass, we are directly going to the boarding area to discover our wonderful aircraft. On our way to the gate A39, we are discovering the Tahitian Dreamliner, all dressed in blue.

Once at the gate, a little surprise is waiting for us, the Tahitian Spirit has invaded the whole area thanks to a Tahitian band who made a typical Polynesian performance for our breakfast.

Festivities continue, and Michel Monvoisin, Air Tahiti Nui’s CEO, is welcoming us onboard the Tahitian Dreamliner. ATN had the choice between Boeing and Airbus regarding its fleet renewal and finally chose the American manufacturer, regarding Michel Monvoisin: “The low demand on our flights forces us to take a decision. The Boeing 787 is offering less seat than the Airbus A350 so it was a logical choice for us.”

30 minutes before the scheduled departure time, we are invited to board and discover the Tiare’s spirit.


As a first impression, thanks to a colorful cabin and a Tiare’s flower smell, the Polynesian Spirit is very enjoyable and there is a relaxing atmosphere onboard.

A little moment after being seated, it’s time for the Tahitian Dreamliner to leave the gate. The traditional water salute is waiting for us at the beginning of the taxi to the runway.

This B787 is offering 30 seats in Poerava Business Class, 32 seats in Moana Premium and 232 seats in Moana Economy class. As we are traveling in the latter today, we will present you it in detail and just quickly introduce you the Business one.

The Economy Class is offering a 3-3-3 configuration with Zodiac Aerospace Z300 seats offering a large space of travel but an inferior space between seats with 79cm.

In the economy class, Air Tahiti Nui offers the very last version of IFEs.

One of the specificities of the Boeing 787-9 is these huge tintable windows which offer a very lightly cabin.

The business class, on its side, is offering a 2-2-2 configuration which allow couples to travel together on aisle or window side, which is not possible on a 1-2-1 configuration. This kind of organization however cuts down the space of travel.

Equipped with the Rockwell Collins seats, the Poerava seems to offer a good space of travel. To try..


For this special flight, Air Tahiti Nui invited iconic Tahitian figures, as Miss France 2019, Vaimalama Chaves and the French interpreter of “Moana”, Cerise Calixte who interpreted the famous movie song.

While enjoying the incredible sightseeing, it’s time to eat! On this flight, the catering is the same as regular flights, except for the Champagne which was offered to all guests in the flight.

For the starter we can appreciate a Tuna and potatoes salad, to continue a Vanilla Cream’s Chicken with rice and for the dessert a Chocolate cake. All of this accompanied by a glass of Champagne.

At the same time, pilots are supervising this all-connected baby. The latter are the ones who can enjoy sightseeing at its best thanks to the largest cockpit windows existing. Our altitude at this moment is the Flight Level 380 (38.000ft – 11582m)

Just before the descent, it is time to enjoy the more spectacular sceneries of the flight. Right now, we are flying over the Alps and the roof of Europe, the Mont Blanc.

During the descent, Geneva city is visible from our seat with the Leman Lake. Our arrival is made on runway 08R, facing east, so during our approach, Parisian suburbs were insight.

Back on the ground after three beautiful hours of flight. The Tahitian Dreamliner offers a very good travel experience with a warm atmosphere, especially thanks to the large windows but also because of the more humid air that the Boeing 787 offers.


Air Tahiti is operating two Dreamliners to Auckland and Paris via Los Angeles service but is waiting for three more aircraft of this type to replace the old Airbus A340s.

We would like to thanks Air Tahiti Nui for inviting us to discover the Tahitian Dreamliner and to present you this beautiful aircraft and obviously, we would like to thank you too, dear readers, for your infallible support on this adventure. Stay tuned and let’s see what we have to show you next month!