8 September 2019 Off By Alex

Thai Air Asia X is a long haul low-cost airline founded in 2014 in Kuala Lumpur. It is a subsidiary of Air Asia, of which it shares, uniforms, livery, and bookings. It deserves 10 destinations with a 13 A330s fleet.

This fleet is composed of 11 A330ceo and 2 A330neo. The airline presented the latter during the last Paris Air Show in June 2019. This is the occasion for us to give you a little review of this aircraft.

Before entering the plane, you should remember that it has been designed and set for an Asian public, and the airline uses this plane on a local market, essentially between Bangkok and Tokyo at the moment.

When you enter this aircraft, you quickly understand that it is designed for mass traffic. The aircraft is set in two classes: 12 seats of a “premium” class, and 365 seats in economy. Both classes don’t have any IFE or entertainment system.

Even if this is a bit less than in a full economy A330 like Cebu pacific do, this aircraft is a very high-density aircraft and you don’t feel very comfortable when you are seated with quitter 400 others passengers around you.

But as we said, this is an aircraft designed for its local market. People who will fly on it pay 50$ their ticket to go from an A point to a B one and they don’t care about their trip.

The premium, called “premium flat-bed” is set in a 2-2-2 configuration; which is not full access, not fully flat and even less full privacy. The pitch is otherwise correct, and so is the seat width. You can ask for an entertainment tab during your booking, which is given by the crew against a signature to ensure you give it back. There is a selection of films, series and music available that you can hear with economy class level earphones. The catering has to be ordered during your booking too. You have a choice of meals but you can only have water as a drink.

In economy, the jungle is a bit different. The configuration of this aircraft is 3-3-3, which is more than in the normal case for an A330 (2-4-2 is the most current configuration). Air Asia X is a low-cost airline and they need as many customers as possible to optimize their costs. Here, you don’t have any IFE or any catering included. You can pay extras for both of them.

As a conclusion, Air Asia proposes a high-density aircraft adapted for a local target with a 377 seats aircraft. This high density demonstrates brilliantly versatility of this brand-new Airbus A330neo, permittng to evryone to fly on cheapest price as possible.

All the pictures have been taken by our talented friend: @eliothbrt