9 March 2020 Off By Cyrus Matho

TAP Air Portugal is the flag carrier airline of Portugal. Based in Lisbon, the 1945 founded company has been a Star Alliance member since 2005 and operates a fleet of more than 80 aircraft such as the brand new Airbus A330NEO and A321NEO you will discover today, flying to more than 80 destinations in over 30 countries around the world.

Today’s trip will embark you onboard state of the art Airbus A321NEO between New-York and Porto in the TAP Air Portugal so-called EconomyXtra. This flight is operated five days a week as “TP212”.

At Newark Airport, the Portuguese flag carrier welcomes its passengers at Terminal B. The latter is rather small and equipped with basic amenities such as a couple of restaurants and a little duty-free section.

Today’s bird is an 8 months old brand new Airbus A321-212NXLR registered CS-TXB and equipped with two CFMI LEAP-1A32 engines. The latter consumes up to 15% less fuel than the Airbus A321NEO, and is more flexible in operating terms, meaning it can fly longer routes.

The cabin of the 3-Star airline, according to the last Skytrax Ranking, is configured in a particular way. Indeed, in Business Class, the airplane offers a total of 16 seats, spread across five rows. In rows one, three, and five, places are in a 2-2 configuration. While in rows two and four, seats are in a 1-1 setting.

Offering a reasonably good pitch of 32 inches in EconomyXtra, 42 seats are displayed in a more conventional 3-3 configuration precisely as is the Economy. The cabin is clean, modern, supplied with the famous “mood-light” and can accommodate up to 168 passengers.

The meal service began about half an hour after take-off, with a choice between pasta and fish with rice. It is the latter that we decided to make you discover. The onboard catering offered by TAP on this route is relatively correct. Indeed, the meal tray is composed of the main course, the starter (salad and its dressing), the dessert (chocolate cake), butter, and bread. Also, a selection of beverages was proposed. The whole wasn’t bad even if the fish and the vegetables could have been tastier. The airline also offers its customers the opportunity to choose their meal before the flight on the company’s website. At the end of the dinner, a choice of coffee and tea was proposed by the crew.

Before landing, along with another selection of warm drinks, breakfast made of a ham and cheese sandwich, and a cereal bar was served. The glasses and the food box both outlined the slogan “Fresh from Portugal” as a desire from TAP to highlight its local culture.

Regarding the entertainment, Panasonic’s X series IFE system features a large selection of 110 movies ranging from classics to new releases. Other entertainment options included music selections, favoring Portuguese options, but also featuring a satisfying collection of American pop music, as well as television shows and games.

The airline’s “UP magazine” mostly talking about Portugal and focuses on what the country does best is available on every seat along with a 110v power outlet besides a USB port.

Moreover, TAP also provides Wi-Fi on their A321LR with pricing as follows:

  • TAP Free Messaging — 0EUR

  • TAP Email — 6.99EUR

  • TAP Browsing — 14.99EUR

  • TAP Total Wi-Fi — 24.99EUR

And that is not it! The airline also offers its customers a “Digital Kiosk” available on the TAP mobile app in an effort to reduce paper waste and simultaneously have access to a wide selection of magazines and newspapers.

On this route, TAP is without direct competition as no other airline flies between New-York and Porto. This only offer is reliable and offers a comfortable and modern cabin. The catering service is correct, and the entertainment diverse and accessible.

The brand new A321LR also plays a role in the comfort on the flight. The latter is undeniably silent and offers a lower cabin altitude than most airliners of the previous generation, which reduces fatigue and makes the trip more enjoyable.

We would like to thank you, dear readers, for your unfailing support and faithfulness and hope you enjoyed this article.

~ The Explorers Group ~