About us

On behalf of the entire crew, welcome to our universe;

Founded in 2014 in France, as ADP Spotting, our group was initially dedicated to plane spotting at Charles De Gaulle airport. During the 2015’s Paris Air Show, we had the opportunity to make written reports in agreement with different airlines and manufacturers such as Qatar Airways, China Airlines and Bombardier Luxury Jet. From this moment, ADP Spotting became Airliners Explorers and we started to specialize ourselves into Airline Reports. Our group growing rapidly week by week and month by month, we realized that we needed a new name and then became Airliners Explorers.

For a few years now, we are proud to make you discovering new airlines and new aspects of this magnificent world of flight by proposing written reports as well as weekly news. Followed by thousands of people around the world, Airliners Explorers has the privilege to work with many companies in the Aviation industry. In order to maintain high-quality standards, our group is in perpetual evolution by continuously inventing and proposing new concepts to our followers.

This is why we are now proud to announce the creation of The Explorers Group (TEG) that will be covering all the facets of traveling, from the plane to the hotel and more…

Our team is now composed of three people:

– Alexandre Carvalho (Co-Founder)

– Cyrus Mathon (Co-Founder)

– Florian Polycarpe (Co-Founder)

We truly hope that you enjoyed your visit on our website and encourage you to contact us for any questions or inquiries.

The entire team would like to thank you for your support, and we hope to see you onboard our website soon !

~ The Explorers Group ~